South Africa’s first-ever Bike Friendly Certification programme recognises & promotes businesses that welcome & cater for cyclists & cycle tourists. The programme also assists businesses to become more bike friendly, while enhancing the South African bicycling experience.

The programme is open to businesses & institutions in the Tourism, Hospitality & Service sectors, as well as Workplaces, Schools & Academic Institutions, & Residential buildings.


Boost your exposure to SA’s thriving cycle tourism market & the local cycling community.

Cycling is one of the fastest growing sports and recreational activities in the country, with events like the Cape Town Cycle Tour and Cape Epic bringing in millions to the region. The development of new cycle infrastructure & establishment of cycle tourism routes like the Western Cape’s Cross Cape is attracting both international and local cyclists. As more people choose to cycle on holiday and commute and travel by bike, there is an increasing demand for bike friendly destinations and workplaces.

Through our Bike Friendly programme, we assist your business to stand out as a leader in providing services for customers or employees that cycle, and tap in to this growing segment of the economy. Participating businesses are showcased on our Bicycle Friendly Destinations map & directory, and receive official Bike Friendly Certified Signage and exclusive membership benefits (see images below) to help them become more bike friendly and attract new cycling customers.


To register your business as bicycle friendly and join our network, select the certification category below that best fits – whether you want to promote your business as a destination for bicycle tourists or showcase your bike-friendly workplace or building – fill out the online sign-up form. If you need any assistance with your application, just give us a shout.

Wondering what’s required to be certified? Click the category below to see the Certification Guide and identify the kinds of bike friendly services & amenities that you may want to offer and review the required criteria needed to become a Certified Bike Friendly Business, membership options and benefits!

Want to be bike friendly but don’t know where to start? Get in touch, we are happy to assist you with going bike friendly, sourcing bike racks and meeting certification requirements!


Here we highlight some of shining members of our Bike Friendly Network – those business who have gone the extra mile to welcome and cater for the needs of cyclists.

Restaurants, Cafes, Wineries, Breweries, Food shops etc.
Accommodation providers e.g. lodging or camping.
Bike Shops, Apparel & Gear, Bike Rentals, Cycle Tours & Holidays.
Workplaces, Retailers/Shops, Attractions, Visitor Centres or Tourism related businesses.
Bike Parks, Mountain Bike Trails, Events & Skills Training.