Kids absolutely love to cycle – it’s gives them a sense of freedom, allowing them to explore the outdoors, connect with friends and develop confidence and physical literacy. Our CycleKiDZ campaign aims to inspire and empower more kids and parents to start cycling – providing learning resources and building the CycleKiDZ community!


Cycling is fun, free, healthy activity that the whole family can enjoy. If you’re wondering when you can start cycling with your kids and what you need to go biking as a family, our Family Biking guide is packed with information to help you choose the right gear for each stage of your child’s development. With tips on how to carry your little ones on board your bike, cycle safety and stress-free ways to teach your kids to ride balance bikes (2-4yrs) and pedal bikes (+4 yrs)


The earlier you start cycling with your kids the easier it is for them to learn this vital life skill. Before heading out on the road or trail, your child should have the necessary bike handling and road safety and awareness skills. Use our resources to find beginner Learn to Cycle courses, as well as Kids MTB clinics, and discover kid-friendly places to ride – from bike parks to MTB trails and urban routes.


Join or start a CycleKiDS club in your neighborhood or at your school. CycleKiDS clubs are a great way of connecting with families who cycle in your area. Clubs meet monthly or weekly for social rides or to Cycle 2 School.

Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs club meets monthly* at the Rondebosch Common for a Full Moon CycleKiDS ride for kids, kids at heart and their families. (*weather dependent)

Join our community and find out more about CycleKiDZ CLUBS, events, competitions & fun.



Through CycleKiDZ we are also raising awareness for organisations who are bringing mobility and bicycles to kids in need. Find out how you can support these organizations and change the lives of kids around South Africa.

People often take for granted the transport choices that they and their children have. In South Africa around 500,000 pupils walk 5km or more to school as they cannot afford or access any other form of transport. Organizations like Qhubeka (a programme of the World Bicycle Relief),The Bicycling Empowerment Network, Bike4All, Pedal Power Association, Bicycles and Beyond and local community groups are working to change the lives of kids in need – providing them with bicycles so that they can cycle to school.

Being able to cycle reduces the time it takes learners to commute to school by up to 75%, enabling them to spend more time in school and less time and energy getting there. Recipients of bicycles are also trained in bicycle safety and basic maintenance, which not only gives them a valuable life skill, but ensures that they stay safe on the roads.


By sponsoring a bicycle for someone who cannot afford one, or donating funds towards a bicycle(s), mechanical programme or kids safety programme, you are helping to get more kids cycling.
→ Find out more about SA’s Community Projects and how you can support them.


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