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The corner-stone philosophy of the GONOW™ Electric Bicycle Brand is ‘DIRECT’. Use our product to commute directly from your home to work, No traffic. Commute directly from work to lunch, no parking problem, it’s free and quick, giving you more time for yourself. It’s your time!

After work, directly to the gym, tennis or home to the wife and kids, maybe a drink with your mates and you don’t need to worry about drinking and driving! (Always be responsible and remember, safety first). Hit the night clubs, home, sleep, no sweat, all direct. Free VIP parking, No traffic, No petrol, No worries.

Your whole life is Direct, cutting out all the cr*p in the middle. So we at the GONOW™ Electric Bicycle Company follow that same philosophy. We manufacture purpose built electric bicycles of the best possible quality. We then add the best quality brand components to the bicycle. Motor, brakes, battery, shocks, chain, tyres, clamps, nuts and bolts. The best of everything available. But, in order to sell GONOW™ Electric Bicycles at the BEST PRICE, we have to follow our initial company ethos and culture; Direct. Sell direct to the public, the end user, directly to you, cutting out all the cr*p and markups that normally happens between the Factory, that’s us and the end user, that’s you.
We have cut out the middle man, Stan, so that we at GONOW™ can deliver our bikes at the best, unbelievable, unbeatable wholesale price, directly to your door!

BTW FYI delivery is free TIA
The world is changing, let’s make it ‘green‘ again. LOL

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